eFlite Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does eFlite have software for my aircraft? eFlite provides weight and balance software for all fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft. We have the software whether you're flying a Cessna 172, Hawker 800XP, EMS equipped Sikorsky S-76C or even a Boeing 737 freight hauler.

Aircraft with STC modifications are also welcome! Simply place an order using an aircraft in the Software Selector similar to yours and then send a quick email alerting us to the STC. An eFlite W&B specialist will then determine what information, if any, is necessary to complete your order - it's that simple!

Is eFlite software approved? The FAA, CAA, CASA, EASA, JAA and Transport Canada approve eFlite software per our commercial customers Operational Specification (OpSpec). Commercial operators just need to integrate eFlite software into the weight and balance control procedure of an existing OpSpec and provide their civil aviation authority with documentation comparing manual calculations from previous flights with electronic calculations.

Aircraft weight and balance software does NOT need approval for use in "private" flight operations. Private operators easily prove they performed weight and balance calculations, in the event of a Ramp Check, by providing a Safety Inspector with a printed eFlite W&B Record or by powering up a laptop, tablet or smartphone and opening the eFlite W&B Record saved during the flight planning process.

Rest assured, eFlite operators around the world meet stringent record keeping requirements and we are 100% confident you will meet the demands of your local civil aviation authority.

Does eFlite require an Internet connection? eFlite Desktop™ (Windows OS Only) does not require an Internet connection to perform weight and balance calculations. The eFlite Online™ web service requires an Internet connection but accessible from any internet connected device including iOS and Android powered smartphones and tablets.

Do you have software for an iPhone and iPad? The eFlite Online™ web service is accessible via a browser (i.e. Safari or Chrome) on an iPhone and iPad and supported by all versions of iOS.

Do you have software for Android powered devices? The eFlite Online™ web service is accessible via a browser (i.e. Chrome) on your Android powered smartphone or tablet.

Can eFlite W&B Records be emailed? eFlite Desktop™ users can print weight and balance records as PDF files and then email the file between crew members and the flight department.

The eFlite Online™ web service includes an email module for sending records to your home office or flight department and you can even carbon copy (Cc:) yourself and others. Weight and balance records can also be saved to the eFlite database for up to 30 days.

Why does eFlite cost so much compared to other apps? eFlite is a turn-key product ready for use upon receiving your software. The cheaper weight and balance apps will NOT work until you enter your aircraft Empty Weight and Moment values, CG Envelope coordinates and seat, baggage and fuel ARM values. None of the cheaper apps provide maximum structural weight limitations per loading station and none of them correctly calculate fuel CG values on aircraft with a variable fuel ARM (i.e. multi-engine piston, turbo-prop and jet aircraft).

Have you heard the phrase Garbage in is garbage out? The cheaper app will not provide accurate results if you accidentally enter an incorrect value during the time-consuming setup process. Just a simple decimal point error on your behalf could be deadly and you won't even know about the error unless you spend even more time testing the cheaper app for accuracy.

In addition, the cheap apps do not save flight data for record keeping purposes, few let you print the results and we are not aware of any that email a "compliant" weight and balance record. Your eFlite app will Save, Print and Email weight and balance records that are approved by civil aviation authorities in 118 countries.

All in all, time is money and eFlite provides the safest and least costly solutions with the most functionality.

Is eFlite available in Metric? SAE units of measurement are the default but you can request Metric once an order is placed. There is no additional cost for a Metric module if you provide Metric flight manual documentation. Otherwise, we charge $96.00 USD per hour (billed in 15 minute increments) with 45 minutes average time to convert SAE flight manual data to Metric.

Will eFlite include my STC for a higher Take-Off weight? Yes, eFlite specializes in Supplemental Type Certificate integrations and offers them FREE of charge if you provide a complete copy of the STC found in your POH/AFM.

How do I change the Empty Weight values in my software? From the eFlite Desktop™ app, click on Edit > Aircraft Module > Weight + Balance Report to edit Empty Weight values. Save the changes and then click on Modules > Export > To eFlite to upload the changes to your eFlite Online™ account.

Can I change the Seat ARM values in my software? The software uses the average Seat ARM, per the Type Certificate on file with the FAA, but can be initialized to any ARM value within the seat range. Just email your preferred Seat ARM values prior to the software initialization process - that's all there is to it.

Can I install eFlite on more than one computer? A current subscription provides unlimited desktop and laptop installations.

Can my eFlite Desktop™ module be used on a second aircraft? eFlite modules are initialized to a specific aircraft registration number or range of registration numbers and the corresponding Empty Weight and Moment values. Therefore, your module can only be used with aircraft listed on the apps aircraft registration number (A/C Reg No) drop down menu. Discount pricing is available for additional aircraft so Contact Us for details.

Does eFlite offer discount pricing for flight departments and airlines? Yes. Please Contact Us to discuss discount pricing if you own more than one aircraft of the same make and model.

How long does it take to get my aircraft module? The aircraft module setup process ranges from hours to days depending on aircraft category and how quickly you provide the requested documentation. Keep in mind, some people send their documentation within minutes and other's take months: whatever schedule works for you works for us.

How much time do I have to submit the Weight and Balance Report? There is no time limit to submit the Weight and Balance Report - some customers take hours and other's may take months! Just keep in mind, we cannot setup your aircraft module until we receive all requested documentation.

I accidentally deleted my eFlite Desktop™ software. What do I do now? Just send an email indicating the aircraft registration number so we can resend the aircraft module and a link to download the eFlite Desktop™ app.

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