Supplemental Type Certificates Integrated into Aircraft Weight & Balance Software

Supplemental Type Certificates

eFlite specializes in Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) integrations and offers them FREE** of charge with every order.

Most of our STC requests are performance related (i.e. RAM or Tornado Alley) and integrated into your software so it accurately displays the airplanes "new" Maximum Certificated Takeoff Weight (MTOW). We also welcome non-performance related STC's for items such as auxiliary fuel tanks and wing lockers.

**Special Note: Customers must fax the applicable STC documentation BEFORE the software initialization process begins in order receive FREE STC integrations. Software orders for aircraft with an STC are processed the same as orders without an STC: the Software Selector is used to choose an approximate description of your aircraft and then you proceed to make payment. An email or fax of your STC data must be sent once you receive an eFlite Order Confirmation.

Customer who get STC modifications after they start using our software (i.e. Micro VG's installed during an annual) are also welcome. Just provide a fax of the STC documentation and we will update your existing program at our current rate of $96.00 USD per hour (billed in 15 minute increments). Performance related STC's that affect the CG Envelope are usually integrated within 60 minutes by the time we perform additional functionality testing. STC's for modified fuel systems, ballistic recovery systems, wing lockers and the like are typically completed within 30 minutes for a total cost of approximately $48.00 USD.

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