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"Maximize Your Useful Load & Revenue"

Pilot's maximize revenue and squeeze every pound of utility from an aircraft by using Multi-Seat configurations that auto-adjust Useful Load. Multi-Seat configurations are very popular with Aeromedical, Air Ambulance, Medevac and EMS type operations in addition to commercial air carriers and charter companies. We even have private pilots buzzing around with Multi-Seat configurations on their 6-Place aircraft.

As you know, Useful Load is the difference between Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) and the Basic Empty Weight (BEW) of the aircraft. From a legal perspective, Useful Load is the maximum load you can place on the aircraft from a combination of fuel, pilot, passengers, baggage and cargo. So what does Useful Load have to do with a Multi-Seat Configuration? Everything!

You increase Useful Load by removing seats, cabinets and other items not necessary for the flight. However, you cannot toss unnecessary items on the hangar floor and think you are good to go! Removing items from an aircraft will increase Useful Load but they can also have a "major" effect on the Center of Gravity (CG). You must re-calculate the BEW and CG whenever factory installed items are removed to make sure CG Envelope limits are not exceeded with the new configuration. The number crunching process of adding, removing and relocating items within the cabin can get very complicated and that's where eFlite comes into play!

Multi-Seat configurations are a fast and accurate way for pilots to maximize useful load per flight because all of the number crunching headaches are left up to the experts at eFlite. For a nominal fee, we customize as many configurations as necessary so it's just a click of the mouse to adjust seat configurations for a particular flight. Your software will automatically remove the unnecessary seats and baggage areas from the loading diagram and recalculate the Basic Empty Weight and CG per selected configuration.

Finally, you can rest assured knowing the your useful load was maximized with eFlite speed and precision!

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