Aircraft FAA Ramp Checks & Airplane Safety Checks

Ramp Checks on the Rise?

Not so long ago the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association reported an increase in calls from pilots getting ramp checked. Telephone calls to eFlite are never ending from pilots who are either ramp checked or standing nearby while someone else gets the opportunity. However, the inevitable ramp check is nothing to fear with proper flight planning.

Ramp checks are routine inspections unless Air Traffic Control or an Aviation Safety Inspector observe an unsafe operation. Just relax and be prepared to present the following documentation in the event of a ramp check:

Weight and balance calculations are typically the most time-consuming item to prepare since they're always changing in relation to passengers, baggage and fuel. Throw in hard-to-read paper charts and plastic plotters and it's obvious why weight and balance calculations get omitted from flight planning procedures.

First of all, you don't have to spend hours analyzing information from the Airplane Flight Manual and hope you didn't make a mistake. eFlite's turn-key software is fully functional and ready for use upon delivery.

Civil aviation authorities around the world approve eFlite software so you can rest assured a Ramp Check will be nothing short of a cool summer breeze.

Last minute changes are a snap because eFlite Online™ is accessible from Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows mobile devices. We also offer eFlite Mobile™, a stand-alone app for iPhone, iPad and Android powered phones and tablets that does not require an Internet connection to perform weight and balance calculations so ideal when flying out of remote locations.

And finally, eFlite's user-friendly interface minimizes data entry time and you can even save weight and balance records to a hard drive or email them from the cockpit via a mobile device: mandatory record keeping for commercial operators doesn't get any easier than with eFlite.

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