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Aircraft weight and balance calculator software is used to perform required weight and balance calculations. Experienced pilots prefer eFlite weight and balance software because it's user-friendly, maximizes flight safety and minimizes the time to perform flight planning from desktop and mobile devices.

eFlite weight and balance calculators are developed by professionals who integrate the latest technology into every product and service offered. We have 20 years of experience developing aircraft weight and balance calculator software for customers in 117 countries.

aircraft weight and balance calculator software NEW RELEASE: eFlite Mobile™ v3.22.4

Aircraft weight and balance calculator for Android powered devices. Simply import your pre-configured eFlite Aviator or Aviator Pro aircraft module and use the weight and balance calculator from any location: no Internet connection required. The Dropbox feature allows crew members to synchronize PDF weight and balance records on the device with a flight operations computer once they are within range of a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

In addition, software can display an optional IATA Formatted Load Sheet on printed and emailed documentation so easy for crew members and loading agents to identify the type and number of passengers assigned to each passenger zone and the type of payload item and weight assigned to each cargo station. Weight and balance calculations and record keeping does not get any easier than with eFlite software.

Visit the Google Play store to download eFlite Mobile to your favorite device and try a few of our demo aircraft or helicopter modules.

Do you want to maximize useful load and minimize flight planning operations? For a nominal fee, your aircraft weight and balance calculator can be customized with multiple seat and cargo configurations as a simple and cost effective solution.

As you know, airplane Empty Weight and Center of Gravity (CG) change when adding, removing or relocating seats and re-calculating empty weight values is critical to ensure flight safety. eFlite multi-seat configurations automate the process and eliminate time consuming, error prone, number crunching headaches from flight planning.

Multi-configuration users just point and click to automatically adjust Empty Weight and Center of Gravity (CG) values for the selected seat and cargo configuration. Our aircraft weight and balance calculator instantly adjusts for configuration changes so pilot's maintain a precise weight and center of gravity (CG). More Multi-Seat Info

Does your aircraft have a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) to improve aircraft flight performance? STC's are an eFlite specialty and included in every applicable aircraft weight and balance calculator at no extra charge! We integrate STC data into the aircraft weight and balance calculator so pilot's can utilize every pound of useful load and keep the aircraft center of gravity (CG) within limitations. More STC Info

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